Information systems & solution design

A partner who creates bespoke information solutions to optimise your productivity

You need to know where your products are at any time, when they will be delivered and whether your end customer is satisfied. To provide reliable solutions that meet your specific requirements, our IT engineers put all their expertise and creativity into designing our transport and logistics systems.

Based on your needs and the characteristics of your own information system, our experts define and develop some of the most innovative technological solutions on the market. Their sole objective is to improve the efficiency and quality of our services to make your supply chain even more productive.


Your performance factors:

  • A comprehensive diagnosis to identify flexible solutions that can adapt to your changing needs and expectations,
  • We take into account your processes and systems for smooth, efficient, fully integrated information flows,
  • Full traceability of your supply chain, product and information flows,
  • Online access to real-time information, enabling you to measure the performance of your supply chain,
  • A partner who can provide you with and practical suggestions to improve your performance.


Our expertise: Information systems

  • Understanding all the solutions and technologies available on the market enables us to select the most appropriate, advanced and effective systems, while fully taking into account our customers’ existing technologies,
  • Our mastery of integrated WMS/TMS software solutions, which we are constantly developing and adding functionality so that we can effectively meet your needs, in terms of flow management, stock management, order preparation, delivery traceability, proof of delivery, reverse logistics, etc.,
  • Preparing and making the introduction of new processes and post-launch audits even more reliable,
  • Specialist reengineering expertise ensures continuous process improvement.


Our expertise in the development of bespoke information systems

At XPO Logistics, we develop information systems that combine intelligence and creativity. These highly productive and reliable solutions help reduce administrative costs. Our engineering teams work with our customers to identify, adapt and develop the most appropriate solutions that meet the needs of today as well as those of tomorrow.  


Tailor-made web portals

Our live real-time information sharing portals enable our customers to trace orders, giving full visibilty from the point of collection right through to delivery. This includes electronic data interchange (EDI), on-line order tracking, activity reports, online proof of delivery, logistics partner management, supplier flow management, etc.


Voice recognition technology increases order preparation performance

We have worked with a software developer to design a pioneering system, which is ideal for picking small products. Now in its third generation, this technology makes it possible to improve productivity, increase reliability with almost flawless quality and update stock inventories in real time.