Logistics and Distribution

Combining Logistics and Distribution solutionsto get the right product always available on shelvesat the right time.

50% of XPO Logistics logistics activities is made in retail and FMCG industries. Our expertise is already recognized by major retailers and their suppliers thanks to our range of services that covers the whole Supply Chain challenges. By combining logistics and distribution, we provide flexible services from storage and order preparation to delivery to the point of sales. 

Your stakes 
  • Increasing your sales volume.
  • Expanding your presence through a larger number of sales points
  • Ensuring reliable deliveries to the sales points
  • Controlling your logistics costs
  • Guaranteeing your cold chain quality
  • Relyong on a rigorous stock management and reliable information 


Our solutions

A full range of warehousing and distribution solutions that serve your temperature controlled supply chain, at each step:


  • Delivery to warehouse.
  • Inbound handing.
  • Dedicated or shared warehousing space
  • Storage and inventory management. 
  • Value-added services: Picking/Co-packing/Labelling...
  • Loading of orders for delivery. 
  • Delivery to point of sales according to agreed frequency.
  • Reserve Logistics.
  • Information sharing (WMS/TMS)
  • KPI monitoring